As a Birddog owner, your best investment is in the Maintenance and Parts Manuals for your plane. Generic Cessna single-engine manuals simply don’t cover many of our systems and none of the Birddog-specific parts and maintenance. The Feds say that your A&P/IA must have the required inspection / service documentation for the aircraft on which they’re working – and as the owner/operator, you’re to make sure of that.

Hard copy manuals are going for $100, $200, $300 or more (each) on eBay – when they can be found. You can spend $500-$1000 for a set that isn’t the latest and most complete. Clearly, $20 for those manuals is an IBDA bargain!

Manuals and much, much more are available for purchase on this IBDA website.

Scroll to the bottom of the merchandise listings and find lots of useful stuff. The manuals on CD are only $20 for the necessary set. A hardcopy of the 12-page military (Annual) Inspection Form is just $25. Another disc contains Pilots’ Operating Manuals and supplemental manuals while another presents solutions to common technical challenges. All prices include shipping. Check it out.