Birddog Memorial

The memorial monument dedicated to the memory of the Birddog airplane and the men who flew them has been set in place at the Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker Alabama. We are pleased that the IBDA had a part in the placement of this memorial to this great airplane.

The IBDA is well represented at the memorial site by the reflection benchdonated by the organization. As pictured below, the bench displayes the IBDA logo and name.


This unique memorial has been created as recognition of the service that these units and their dedicated personnel performed during a difficult time in our country’s history.

The memorial itself recognizes all eleven (11) U.S. Army Aviation units that were created and served in Vietnam in the years 1963-1971. Within these units there served an approximate 20,000 personnel that ranged in positions from Company Commanders, Pilots, Crew Chiefs, Fuelers, Maintenance, Support, Clerks, Cooks, Drivers, Observers and many others, all of whom risked their physical well being in the service to their country.

Many members of these units gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice. Some were never found and to this day are still listed as “Missing”. To this group, we can never truly repay what they gave and lost but to this honored group of personnel, this memorial will have a special place for each person’s name.

Individuals may purchase pavers in memory of those who served by contacting Mike Medlin at [email protected]

An all unit reunion is planned for Friday October 9th, 2015. Details of the gathering may be obtained by visiting the web site

A lot of hard work, diligence, and dedication went into the concept and completion of this project. We owe them a debt of sincere gratitude for creating this memorial which will keep alive the memory of the Birddog and the men who flew them and those who kept them flying.