for sale an italian army Cessna O-1E now certified with a standard AOC Cessna 305C I-EIAF.
serial number 2965 (c/n 305M-0011) sold to Italian Army as MM61-2965 in 1962, later EI-13.

Regal Air conversion with c/n 0011
The plane has been flown in the army for around 3000 hrs and than sold to a civilian aeroclub, equipped with a “tow kit” and stall warning system.

Now the plane have 4960 hrs, the engine is equipped with new type cylinders and remain 820 hrs to the the next OH.

8.33 VHF equipped, transponder A-C, ARC valid until august 2018.

Available for any flight test in the north east of Italy.

PRICE 75k euros

Good plane but the club need to sell because they have another glider tug, easier to use by the pilot!

For any infos ask
Andrea Rossetto