I have been working on continuing the update of the IBDA Archives. There are approximately 4300 photographs that have been “Photoshopped” and entered into the computer. I am now going through slides to be archived. I still have many photographs of more recent events to catalog. We will keep working and then start going through all of the containers of articles and information about the Birddog. 

A common question is, “How many Birddogs are flying in the United States?” The answer is very easy. Nobody knows! My “educated guess” is that there is less than 100 Birddogs flying in this country. Everyone can look around and make their own guess. Here are the facts and data for Birddogs registered in the United States with the FAA as of November 2018: 

Cessna 305 = 232 

Cessna O-1 = 4 

Cessna L-19 = 48 

Ector 305 and other non-Cessna built = 25 

This makes the grand total of all Birddogs “registered” with the FAA (today) as 309. This number will continue to go down as their FAA registration expires and is not renewed. Cessna manufactured Birddogs registered number 284. We all know that many of these “registered” Birddogs are not flying or do not exist. 54 of the registered Birddogs are located in Texas. 

The IBDA Board has already had its first meeting to discuss the “Birddog Final Roundup” in 2020. Although the event date is off in the future, many plans need to be made a year in advance. Scheduling banquet arrangements and a hotel for approximately 100-150 guests has to be made significantly ahead of time. Keeping in mind the purpose and reason for the roundup and reunion of friends, the IBDA Board, at this time, is focusing on the following three locations: Fredericksburg (T82), Keokuk (KEOK) and Wichita (1K1). There are, obviously, plus and minus points about each location and none is perfect. The IBDA Board plans to invite “Special Guests”, and is entertaining the prospect of special benefits for any Birddog that flies to the event. This should encourage Birddogs to be the Birddog that “Travels the Longest Distance.” 

Please send me your thoughts on the 2020 fly-in ( frushoursj@gmail.com ) . 

Steve Frushour