Here’s the word on the Airventure ’19 (MANY of us still call it Oshkosh) IBDA Gathering.

For all Birddog Assn members, we are meeting in the WARBIRD CAMPING AREA for dinner on WEDNESDAY July 24th at 6;00 – 7:00pm!  Food starts at 7:00pm Wednesday lets the late arrivals attend and hopefully catch all Birddoggers before the early departures leave on Thursday. Allow me to explain.

Every year for the last 10 or more, a group of Warbird members decided to have a dinner tent in the WB Camping area. ALL Warbird members and guests are invited to eat there. The Camping area and Food Tent is right across the road from the Warbird Aircraft Parking and directly across from both the L-Bird Area and Fightertown. Very easy to find. The Red Trams go right past it. The location is great as you’re on the field, among fellow Warbird friends, don’t have to leave the field to find a restaurant and stand in line for a table, none of that. It’s all right there. If camping w the Warbirds you’re maybe 100 yds from your camper or tent!

Each night there’s a different menu item plus all the trimmings which usually include veggies, potato, salad, etc., plus beverages. It’s a plate full! Generally, it’s $20 per person for all the food and drink you want. Fresh roasted sweet corn is on the menu each night also. This year the Wednesday July 24 meat is roast Chicken. The cooks are excellent and so is the food!

IBDA is covering the cost of the meal for each member on Wednesday the 24th.  You are invited to eat there any of the other four nights, but you then pay for your own meal.

The rest of the weeks’ menu is as Follows:

Sunday – FREE Warbird picnic at the Nature Center – Chx breasts, bgrs, brats

Monday – Roast Pig, an old fashioned pig roast, very popular in the midwest.

Tuesday – Burgers, Brats, Hotdogs

Wednesday – Roast Chicken

Thursday – Steak night

Friday – Burgers & Brats

Saturday – Warbird Banquet and Awards in Eagle Squadron Hangar

There you have it! NOW I need your help.

PLEASE contact me via phone, text, email, or senile mail if you plan on attending ASAP so I can give the food people an approximate number.    [email protected]   cell 715-493-0146   When everyone arrives on Wednesday, we’ll give you a ticket. It’s your invite to the meal. I pay them and get reimbursed by IBDA.