The L Birds and Lt. Trainers are flying in the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday Shows this year, OSH  2019!
Wednesday is the L Birds BIG show. L-Birds and Lt. Trainers are THE ENTIRE 30 minute Warbird Show! NO one else is flying.  Wednesday’s show consists of Taxiing past the crowd while the announcer talks about the aircraft and their huge contribution to the War efforts.
The aircraft will launch in front of the crowd and be flying multiple lines past them. Some lines will have the formations in them, with the rest being the single ship in trail aircraft. We plan on filling the sky with L-Birds and Lt. trainers. Recovery for all is planned on 9/27.
The Friday and Sat shows will be with all the other Warbirds.
We’re looking for all possible aircraft. There will be plenty of opportunities for both single ship and formation aircraft to fly. The plan is for as many 4 ship and 2 ship flights as possible. Get formation current if you are qualified with a 2019 card. All flying formation will need to be carded (qualified).
ALL aircraft/pilots have to meet EAA’ requirements for flying in the shows. This includes 1 million liability insurance coverage. Also, The policy must clearly state that flybys and formation flying (if you’re gonna fly formation in the show) is allowed. EAA will not accept policies who’s companies say it’s allowed if it doesn’t say you can’t do it. It’s easy to contact your company and get a letter stating those activities are allowed. Pilots must also have a current flight review and a valid medical or proof of basic med. Only those with a valid second class or higher can accept compensation for flying. Third class or basic med can fly but can’t accept compensation.
For those whom have never flown in an airshow at Osh before, you must attend the “Flying at Osh for the First Time” briefing. It’s held on tuesday and friday morning in the Warbird Briefing Bldg and takes about an hour. Actual time will be posted in the Warbird daily activity schedule. Here’s the L-Birds chance to show our stuff! Let’s do it!
Any and all interested contact me via email, text, or call.
Mike Weinfurter