As I’m sure most of you are aware, the bulk of our IBDA Officers and Directors for the last couple of decades have been residents of central Texas.  That has been relatively convenient for face to face communication and coordination, but it also leads to burnout as the same people keep up the effort of ensuring the Association is solvent, relevant, and supportive of its membership.  In short,  we’re aging and we’re running out of willing accomplices in Central Texas!  We of the face to face generation are aware that there are innovations in technology that allow video and teleconferencing via the internet but most of us are not savvy enough to figure it out.  Having acknowledged that, we no longer see the need to recruit from our own backyard and here is the sales pitch:  We need to elect new leaders for several positions beginning 2-year terms on New Years Day 2021.  All members in good standing for 2 years are eligible to perform duties as Officers and Directors.  There is no requirement to live in Texas or even the United States!  Here are some of the positions to be filled and we’d sure like to fill them with volunteers!


Vice President

Website Director

Merchandise Director

Additionally, we have an opportunity to become Vice President in 2020.  Duties and responsibilities for these positions are contained in the Constitution and By-Laws available on the IBDA website, Members Area.

This is a great opportunity to get involved and make a positive difference in your association.  You’ll be reading more about this in the coming months as our search for new Leaders continues.  If you have questions or suggestions for the Nominating Committee, please write me at  [email protected]  Thank You, Dan Kelly