Your Officers and Directors are working diligently to provide the best experience possible for the upcoming2020 Platinum Roundup in Fredericksburg, Texas, Sept. 15 to Sept. 18. We need your assistance to complete our planning and logistics. If you expect to attend please take just a moment to fill out the attached registration form. The information you provide will allow us to plan for appropriate resources. You will need to save this form, print it out, fill it out then scan , photo and email back or snail mail it back. we are working on an automatic form that will be available soon.

No registration fee needs to be sent at this time. It will be collected at the sign in desk during the event.  Should you have any questions please contact me at [email protected] . See y’all in Fredericksburg!

Thank you,  Jim Mulvihill      2020_Registration_Mail_In_Form_3a