During Airventure ’20 (Oshkosh), there will be a Warbirds in Review program covering the 70th anniversary of the O-1. The scheduled speakers are yours truly to talk some about the 70th. Darrel Whitcomb, both Nail 25 and Raven 25, will talk about flying over Laos and Cambodia, as will Dick Rutan. Dick was a Misty or FASTFAC over N. Vietnam.
The Birddog’s requested are one in 50’s markings, which is covered, and one in USAF Gray from the Vietnam era. If any in Gray USAF paint will be attending, please contact me beforehand. We’d love to have you in the WIR Program with us. There will be a day where all Birddogs there are invited to park on Warbird Alley. We have special high vis parking in the L bird area as well. There will also be a Dinner in Warbird camping like last yr for all Birddoggers and guests.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Mike Weinfurter
715-493-0146, [email protected].