Postponement of the IBDA 2020 Reunion

The IBDA board has been thinking about, working, coordinating and managing the 2020 reunion for over a year.  We all want to have the reunion……but, we need to be safe.  We had 38 Birddogs scheduled to attend and already 18 Birddogs and many members have cancelled.  No international members can attend.  Texas has regulations about the size of gatherings and “social distancing”.  Our members are older and in the “at risk” age group.  Members from all over the country, travelling, could contract the virus on the way to the reunion.  Almost every “event” in this country has been cancelled, postponed or very severely restricted.  It would be irresponsible and poor judgment not to postpone this non-critical event.  The IBDA had a Board Meeting and after in depth conversations and evaluations of all aspects, the decision and vote to postpone the event was unanimous (5-0).

As a physician, I personally, cannot find one good reason to have this event when it can be postponed to a safer time.  I know what the news states and I know the politics of this disease.  I won’t get into that.  But, this is a real medical problem that has affected and killed many thousands of people in this country.  Most of those seriously infected are in our age group. This disease is being handled the best way possible with the information that we have.  I know there are a few members who “don’t believe”.  Hind sight is a wonderful thing and there will be people and physicians who will tell the world that the management of COVID19 was all done wrong.  But, at this time the IBDA Board only wants all of the members to remain safe and well. The absolute best way to help insure wellness for everyone is NOT to meet and have the potential of spreading the infection.  I have not even discussed the civil disobedience that is occurring in the country at this time.  I am sure that it will continue until at least November.  That is also a factor that the IBDA considered and discussed.

Everyone should remember to cancel all reservations made for flights and hotels.  The IBDA will continue the evaluation of the events in the country and we will make a decision about the reunion in November-December.  The IBDA Board feels the same disappointment as all the members.

Fly Safe and Healthy,

Stephen J. Frushour, MD, FACS (COL, USAF, Ret.)

IBDA President

    NOTE:  Hangar Hotel = 830-977-9990. You will need to personally cancel your Hangar Hotel reservation.

The reservations at Barons Creek have been cancelled.  Those with previous reservations should

receive a notice of cancellation.