Birddog for sale.Total time 72 hours Engine factory remanufactured 72 hours. Manual flap. Always hangared.Built in 2012 by A&P and IA from 95 % factory new parts from CAP Supply Depot, according to FAA order 8130.2G which requires the construction exactly to the original type certificate. However when it was finished The FAA allowed to certify it in the experimental category, which allowed the easy installation of the modifications listed below. The plane was hangared in Massachusetts for 9 years. Presently hangered in Fort Lauderdale FL. Modifications:AlternatorEctor gravity feed fuel system. ( Instead of pressure carburetor)Ponk landing gear reinforcement. Full flow oil filter7.00 x 6 wheelsStepGarmin GPS Garmin RadioUavionix Skybeacon ADS – B OutElectrical attitude indicatorElectrical turn and bank indicator. JP Engine monitorJP fuel flow meterAngle of attack indicator. Carburator Temperature Meter$125,000.-Joseph Blucher email   [email protected]    phone 754 200 4469