FYI Guys

Notice to owner/operator members:The FAA has finally flipped the switch on the AD for the gasket on the F&M oil filter adapters for a ton of engines – including the Birddogs’ O-470-11s and O-470-15s. Many of our Birddogs have the F&M (now Tempest/Stratus) brand of adapters. If you use screw-on Champion-type oil filters, you probably have one of the affected adapters. AD requires replacement of the fiber gasket in the assembly with a “copper gasket.” It isn’t until well into the AD that we find out they’re just talking about ordinary AN900-28 or -29 crush gaskets. (Our model specs -29) Needs to be done within 50 hours of operation after March 29, 2022(the effective date of the AD) or the first oil change after March 29, whichever comes first. Additionally, the installation of the crush gasket needs to be accomplished per the Stratus Technologies service bulletin that can be found at (website) https://www.tempestplus.comSpecifically, the AD calls for mechanics to “… remove any F&M or Stratus oil filter adapter fiber gasket from service and replace it with a Stratus AN900-28 or AN900-29 oil filter adapter copper gasket in accordance with the Compliance Instructions, paragraph 6., pages 7 through 10 (including all detailed instructions for Figure 5 through Figure 16), of Stratus Tool Technologies Mandatory Service Bulletin SB-001 Rev B, dated June 17, 2021.” That Service Bulletin also calls for safetying the adapter and describes the proper way to do that. This AD contains no surprises. It’s exactly as has been discussed during the past year or so. See below links for the info

L19 ad2022-04-04     Stratus-SB-001_Rev-B