In response to a request on the IBDA website about Birddog activities in the midwest this summer:
Oshkosh is happening this year! I’ll be there the Wednesday prior thru the following Sunday. To park in any parking area, one is required to be a member of that division and EAA, so you’ll need to be a member of EAA and Warbirds. There’s worthwhile discounts for being a member and not getting the paper publications.
If you want to fly in the Wednesday all L bird 30 minute airshow, you need to bring/provide a copy of your coverage indicating a minimum of 1 million liability coverage plus verbiage indicating flybys and formation (if you are flying formation) is covered/allowed.
One thing you can do is preregister for everything online through the EAA Warbirds web site. You can also join EAA and Warbirds online. The forms are electronic and are for pre-registering yourselves, the aircraft, judging if you want it judged, and for flying in the show if you choose to. If you need documents sent in for airshow flying, you can scan and email them in or send via snail mail.
When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by the Welcome Warbirds folks whom will provide water, place a tiny ziptie on your plane at a location of your choice (shows you’ve been welcomed) and give you a welcome chit. Take the chit to Warbirds Registration. If preregistered, turn it in there and you’ll get your packet with wristbands, mug, hat, parking pass, program, etc. If not preregistered, you get to fill out the forms then and there in the heat then get your packet. There’s trams to ride on to get to Warbird parking and all over the convention grounds. They’re free.
A bunch of us will be at DeKalb, Illinois for an L bird formation clinic from 21-24 July. It’s in prep for the WB Airshows to get pilots qualified to fly formation at Osh. We usually stay til Sat pm then go to Osh in time for the shrimp feed at the Fondulac Yacht club. Sat pm. The feed is for WB members and guests. It’s a great way to start the week. Sunday pm is the WB Picnic at the EAA Nature Ctr. That starts the weeks evening activities.
Hope to see you at both events!
Minard Thompson
President, IBDA