Indeed, the biggest airshow on Earth is not too far away. Our Oshkosh Director Mike Weinfurter is busily planning IBDA activity for the event. Contact Mike should you have any questions:

Hi Everyone, Here’s the latest on Birddog activities at Osh ’22. The all L-bird & Lt Trainer show is 30 min long on Wednesday once again. The more the merrier, so c’mon! In tail and formations fly wed. Pray for good weather. For those of you formation qualified, there are opportunities to fly Tues, Fri, and Saturday in the shows. The opportunities are not guaranteed, but opportunities. We’re working on them letting L bird formations of three or more fly on those days. Each in the formation must be qualified and have practiced recently.There’s going to be a JLFC Formation Clinic on Thursday thru Sunday, 21-24 July, at DeKalb, IL. For those wishing to get qualified and or current. Ground school is Thursday evening with flying starting Friday am.

As for an IBDA Gathering during Oshkosh, that’s being worked on. If we gather at the food tent like the last two years, we have to provide our own cooks and food. So far I’ve not found anyone interested in doing so. Alternative plan is go to a nearby restaurant instead. That’s what’s up for Oshkosh this year. Hope to see you there!

Mike Weinfurter