Got this via email. Don’t know the folks but I any of you are interested:

My name is Margaret Champagne, and I am with the film production company Lou Reda Productions. Since 1983, Lou Reda Productions has worked hard to preserve and share America’s military history through film. The company has been a longtime collaborator with networks including the History Channel and National Geographic, producing high-quality, non-fiction programming. Currently, we are hoping to be in pre-production for a Vietnam series for television.  We  are looking for 8mm and 16mm film of the Vietnam War, particularly footage shot by soldiers or individuals in-theater, audio letters, and period footage from the 1950s-1970s highlighting the home front and the average “day in the life of an American.” If you have footage or audio letters and are possibly willing to be interviewed on camera for our Vietnam series we would love to talk with you.  You may contact Lou Reda Productions directly at or 646-620-6181. To learn more about Lou Reda Productions go to

Additionally, we would kindly like to ask that you share this note– via your website, social media platforms, or email – with your organization’s members and veterans.

Thank you for your service. Best regards,

 Margaret Champagne

 Lou Reda Productions

 Lou Reda Productions is internationally known as a producer of top-quality non-fiction programming garnering immense praise in the form of People’s Choice Award, Peabody, and nine Emmy nominations (including one win).