OK Guys. The Museum at Fort Worth put out this request:

Eleven years ago, the Fort Worth Aviation Museum acquired a surplus O-1 Bird Dog. It has since undergone restoration by Cowtown Aerocrafters, who have done a fantastic job. The right side of the aircraft is painted in tribute to Hilliard Wilbanks, the only USAF Bird Dog FAC awarded the Medal of Honor. The left side is painted as a Red Marker aircraft, honoring one of the ten first permanent FAC detachments in Vietnam.
The following video shows the (almost) completed aircraft:
The Museum plans on flying this Bird Dog to appropriate airshows and other venues to help tell the story of FACs in Southeast Asia.
About the last thing needed to get this Dog in the air is compliant communication and navigation equipment, which is expected to cost $4,500 (more or less depending on the museum director’s shopping and negotiating skills). This is a plea for funding of that equipment. If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to getting this Bird Dog in the air, please send a check made out to Fort Worth Aviation Museum, with “Bird Dog Comm/Nav” on the memo line, to:
Fort Worth Aviation Museum
Attn: Jim Hodgson
P.O. Box 161966
Fort Worth, TX 76161-1966
Many Thanks,
Gary Willis
Red Marker 18