From Minard:

This is the lady that wanted some support from us for the Veteran’s Day celebration in Birmingham, AL.  Melissa told me that the event is a one-day event.  She is asking Atlantic Aviation for a fuel discount, which they have given in the past to other warbirds.  This year’s event is in honor of the Forward Air Controllers, US Army, US Air Force and US Marines, so to have a herd of Birddogs on the ramp would be appropriate.  She said that Birmingham has the oldest Veteran’s Day parade in the country.  Therefore, it would be appropriate for smoke-equipped Birddogs to open the parade as it starts in downtown Birmingham.  This will require a lead Birddogger to take the reins and organize the effort and to keep things safe and coordinate with Melissa.  If we can’t safely do the smoke opening, then just being on the ramp would be sufficient.  The museum is just a couple blocks from the ramp at Atlantic Aviation.  Melissa’s phone number is 470-208-4345.  Birmingham is a 1.5 hour flight from Memphis and a 4 hour flight from North Carolina.  The museum is having supper that night and all Birddog pilots that bring their Birddog and their backseaters get a free supper.  She also said snacks will be available to the pilots during the day.  She is working on hotel discounts for those that want to spend the night.  We Birddoggers could make this a regional fly-in as there are numerous Birddogs located in the southeast portion of the US.  Nothing like getting together for a day to talk Birddogs and enjoy free food.

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