Gentlemen and Ladies,

The theme for Osh for Warbirds this year decided by EAA is Vietnam Era. There will be a 2-3 part Warbirds in Review Program on the Thursday of Oshkosh at 1PM (1300). Two Birddogs are featured. Phil Phillips, IBDA Founder, will have Saigon Tea there and is talking of his tours with the 219th RAC Headhunters. Phil also flew over Laos and Cambodia as SPAF 3. I’m sure his experiences will be very interesting to listen to! The Other Birddog belongs to the FAC Museum in Ft. Worth. Jim Hodgon will speak of its representing the Red Markers as on side is painted. Jim has as volunteers at the Museum two former Red Marker Pilots. One of which may be attending Osh ’23 to talk of their tours as Red Markers. Interesting to be sure! Lanny Parcels and Gerry Asher restored the O-1 and may be attending. The opposite side of the aircraft is painted to represent Capt. Hilliard Wilbanks O-1. He was flying near Dalat SVN when he came upon a NVA unit about to ambush an ARVN unit and their American Advisors. Wilbanks spoiled the ambushwith his Birddog ultimately being shot down. He’s credited with saving the ARVNs and Advisors at the cost of his ownlife while on the rescue Huey heading for the nearest Hospital. Capt. Wilbanks was posthumously awarded the CMH.Jim will share Willie’s story, one long overdue to be told.

There may be a group of Laotian T-28 Pilots joining the Birddoggers, however their attendance hasn’t been confirmed yet.

That’s the Birddog excitement for Osh ’23. There will be a dinner for IBDA members and their guests this year as well. It’s likely to be again during midweek some evening at perhaps the same location in Warbird Camping.There’s no surprise Baby shower planned this year. Who knows WHAT is in store this time. but we may think of something!

Stay tuned in for further developments!

Mike Weinfurter

IBDA Oshkosh Event Coordinator