The IBDA Dinner is on for this year. It’s at the same place, time, and fare as last year. That is,
At the Food Tent in Warbirds Camping across the street from the Liaison Parking, reenactors, and Area 51.
Once again it’s Spaghetti plus fixings, fresh sweet corn, and beverages from coolers. 6 pm it starts after the Wed Liaison / Trainers Warbirds airshow.
Free for all IBDA Members/crew/family. Non Birddog Liaison/Trainer folks are invited as well but must pay. Cost is approx. $15 each.
This year’s special guests will be any FAC’s, AFAC’s, and Army Birddog Pilots. Some Laotian T-28 Pilots may attend Osh this year and are also invited.
We may have two FAC Guests or we may have twelve, all at Osh are welcome. It’s our way of saying thanks for your service.
For those planning to join us for dinner, PLEASE CONTACT ME so I have an idea of how many are joining us.
See you at Dinner!
Mike Weinfurter
IBDA Osh Events Director