This is so HOT it’s not even on the press yet!!

In a conversation this evening with the FAA Engineer who worked the AD on the F&M/Stratus oil filter adapter, I was told a new AD would be issued SOON for the adapter. In the new AD would be an Alternate Method of Compliance (AMOC) concerning the lower copper crush ring washer. Stratus has manufactured a new lower gasket (part # ST07) which is made with PTFE outer layers with a stainless steel mesh center. The new lower gasket is a recommended fix, which solves the occasionally oil leak due to non-perfect mating surfaces between the oil pump housing and the adapter barrel, when using the copper crush ring.

You do not have to redo your copper crush rings you now have installed, but Stratus recommends it.

We just returned from 47 hours of Birddog flying and our oil filter adapter started leaking half way home. I will be replacing ours as soon as it arrives. The cost of the new gasket is around $35.

C6LC-11/15 filter gasket kit

Flying is not fun when one eye is constantly glued to the oil pressure gauge!

Mr. Birddog