Hello fellow Bird-Doggers!  My name is Bob Stoney, I’m a member of IDBA and our President, Minard Thompson, has asked me to do a survey concerning the 75th Anniversary of the Lovable One-Niner Bird Dog, planned for Sept of 2025.  I initially tried to do a “Survey Monkey” but I’m just not that swift, technically.  So, this survey is being emailed to all members.  Your responses will be anonymous.  I will collate the results, de-identify the responses and give to the IDBA board, where the info will be used by the board for planning purposes as we all prepare to honor the Bird Dog on it’s 75th Anniversary.  Please respond via email to me at [email protected]    Thank you in advance for your responses.  Your response is requested by Jan 31, 2024.

1. Should we have a 75th anniversary for the Birddog in 2025. Yes or No
2. If yes, would you make every effort to attend, assuming it will be held early-to-mid Sept 2025 (answer “No” if your answer to #1 was No)? Yes or No.
3. If you think we should celebrate the 75th but won’t make an effort to attend, what would you like instead to celebrate the 75th anniversary?   [Free response]
4. The center of the US is Kansas. Would you fly your Birddog to the event if it is held in Kansas (likely either Wichita or Topeka)? Yes or No or I don’t Own a Bird Dog
5  The event would be planned for 3 days. Day 1: Arrival day with a “happy hour” the evening of arrival; Day 2: fly-out day where we will fly our airplanes to a local cite for event(s), followed by an evening banquet. Day 3: farewell breakfast, followed by fly-out.   Is this “just right”,  “too short” or “too long”?   
Thank you in advance for your response.