Birddog Videos

You can view a short selection of Birddog videos on this page.  If you have a video that is posted on YouTube or Vimeo and would like to  see it posted here, submit the link to the Web Coordinator, Troy Cobb [email protected].

This Video is from the Historical Aviation Film Unit. Created in New Zealand and is an excellent source of information about the Birddog.  Click here to view their site

Check out Member Birddog Austria’s YouTube page :Birddog Austria

A video from Steve Vihlen. Celebrating the January 19th, 2013 Birddog World Domination Day

L-19 Birdog Ride

Birddog Take Off And Landing

The O1 Birddog Combat Mission In Vietnam

Short Field Takeoff, Don’t Try This At Home

Bill Finney and his Birddog