Can Tho Airfield Story

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The 221st Attacks Can Tho Airfield Jim Browning It’s a little known fact that pilots from 221st attacked Can

Messing With A Fac

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Messing with Forward Air Controllers  Written by: James C. Harton Jr. jhbio.htm Used by permission One of the best things about

Captain Wilbanks Memorial

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Information about the Hilllard Wilbanks Foundation and the Medal of Honor Citation can be found by clicking here FAC Colleagues,

Medal of Honor

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Medal of Honor by Jimmie H. Butler, Colonel, USAF, Ret. Part of the Bird Dog’s heritage includes the award

The Delta Advisor

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THE DELTA ADVISOR IV Can Tho, Vietnam March, 1969 FAC "Eyes" of Air Support - LEADS BOMBERS TO TARGET

Naming The Birddog

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Naming the Birddog - Jack Swayze, Cessna Employee On a bright sunny day in September of 1951, Jack E.

The FAC Memorial

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30 Oct. 2000 Letter of Appreciation Dear International Bird Dog Association, FAC "HOMECOMING" REUNION - 2000, held 21-24 Sep

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