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Classified Ads

Listed here are items of interest to Birddog operators, mechanics, prospective Birddog owner/operators and collectors of memorabilia.

Advertisers: When your item(s) sells, please advise the IBDA via the “Classified Ad Submission” button so that your ad may be removed.

CAUTION – A number of aviation owners / operators / type club sites are reporting a huge influx of scam attempts. Most seem to be from an organized group that has targeted aircraft owners. Most scams are starting with responses to people looking for specific aircraft parts or avionics. Many of the scams seem to feature responses that have poor grammar, sentence structure, etc. It’s clear that English is not the respondent’s first language. So, BEWARE! And be cautious if offered items from an unknown, unverifiable source. If you’re at all uncomfortable with an unknown seller, ask for references.

O 470-15 engine for sale

For sale, O470-16 engine. About 380 hrs since overhaul. Last flew 03/2020. Heavy duty 6 cylinders. No accessories. Runs great. Have logbook. In military shipping can. Price is $6,500. Call with questions. Lane Smith   (509) 439-9049  

February 24th, 2021|

The Lovable One-niner for sale

For Sale: Lovable One-Niner book. Excellent condition, one underline on one serial number. Signed by the author. $400.00 Have seen them for twice the price on Ebay.  Contact Fred Mooney    (214) 914-4535

February 10th, 2021|

Continental 470-15 Parts for sale

For Sale: New old stock crankshaft and cam shaft assembly. Fits the 0470-15 constant speed motors. 2500.00 for both. Contact:  Chris Prevost  (707) 227-2111

January 23rd, 2021|

Instruments for sale

Instruments from my Birddog L19. All were working well when removed. Artificial horizon, Directional gyro, Suction gauge, Turn & bank, Airspeed and Altimeter (RCAF). Contact Sandro Ciccone   (514) 892-2542     

January 3rd, 2021|

Wanted: Cylinders for O-470-11

Hi guys. I am in search of 6 new cylinders for  O-470-11 to rebuild my engine. With no paper no problem.  Thank you and best regards. Contact Hardy Laurent

December 20th, 2020|

FOR SALE Cessna 305A

Cessna 305A FOR SALE       $99,500 1951 Cessna Birddog SN22834, TT 6951.6, TTSOH 1728.1, Extremely Original, Cleveland Brakes, Strobes, Mode-S, Garmin Radio/Intercom, Garmin 396, There are many extras, Always hangared, Same owner for the last 23 years, All compressions in mid to high 70’s, New Annual when sold, Comes with a “0” time engine in a can.  Contact Steve 830-928-1710 (Leave message if I don’t answer.)

December 7th, 2020|

Wanted Left Aileron

I am in need of a Left Aileron for a '67 Ector birddog. Anybody have an extra? (970) 948-0771

December 2nd, 2020|

Birddog parts for sale

Larry Flinn has a large list of Birddog parts for sale. Please click on the link below to open the list. Contact Larry Flinn The Latest Price List Posted 1-1-2021 L flinn PARTS LIST 1-2021

November 4th, 2020|

WANTED: McCauley 90/54 Prop

Wanted McCauley 90/54 Prop, serviceable condition and must meet minimum width and thickness specifications. Contact  Douglas DeVries        (425) 770-3089

September 27th, 2020|

WANTED: Rocket selection panel

Looking for a rocket select panel of Vietnam vintage for the L-19 with 8 rocket switches etc... appreciate any info on where to find one or have one made. Contact: Tom Heidorf     (281) 219-7100

September 23rd, 2020|


HELP FINDING PUBLICATIONS. Hello fellow Bird-doggers. Trying to find any or all of the following tech manuals. I've spent a couple of months working my way thru the Army system and discovered that the Army apparently destroyed them when they moved their records from Monmoth, NJ, to Redstone Arsenal, NJ. I've also struck out with a couple of civilian companies that offer such pubs. Currently trying with the Pentagon Library and the Library of Congress but I'm not hopeful. So, hoping someone out there might have the key to finding them. Thanks In advance for any help! The pubs: TM 11-6760-207-10 “Operator’s Manual: Mount, aircraft camera LA-140A (24x microfiche) (repreinted w/basic incl C3-4)” TM 11-6760-207-20 “Organizational Maintenance Manual for mount, aircraft camera, LA-140A (24 microfiche)” TM 11-6760-207-20P “ORGANIZATIONAL MAINTENANCE REPAIR PARTS AND SPECIAL TOOLS LISTS FOR MOUNT, AIRCRAFT CAMERA, LA-140A (24X MICROFICHE)” TM 11-6760-207-35 “FIELD AND DEPOT MAINTENANCE MANUAL: MOUNT,

September 22nd, 2020|

Wanted: load meter

Wanted,  a working electrical load meter for an L19E. Thank you HSS of the CAF Reno, Nv  contact: Ronald Doak

July 29th, 2020|

Original 1957 L-19 Maintenance Instructions Handbook

Handbook for the L-19A & E and the OE-1 series.  T.O. 1L-19A-2 Basic date of 1 November 1956, revised 1 May 1957.  Appears to be quite old, but I believe it is a photocopy. It is actually bound, and not hole-punched. I got 20+ years ago from a Civil Air Patrol unit. Price includes shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states. Drop me a note if you'd like me to send you some pictures. $75        Jon Huggins           (916) 276-0520 

July 27th, 2020|

Wanted: Airspeed Indicator

Wanted and will pay Cash for an A/S indicator with correct range markings for an O-1A/ L-19A/305A. NOS preferred but used and working ok. Thanks Ron Paliughi             (559) 930-5355               

July 25th, 2020|

WANTED: Good left Elevator

Hello, Hope all is well with everyone. My Birddog is in need of a good left elevator. If you have an extra good one please contact me, Call or text 805-649-8062. Or you can email me through the IBDA system.  Ken Partney

July 10th, 2020|

Wanted Door Strike Plate

Wanted....door striker plate for our Bird Dog. Federal part number is 1560-185-8223. If anyone  knows a work-around, would be appreciated. Bill Taylor     (605) 212-1750

May 16th, 2020|

Bomb Rack mechanisms for sale

I sold two, now I have one Bomb Rack mechanisms left for sale for $600.00.       Contact  Ken Partney          (805) 649-8062

April 12th, 2020|


For Sale: Cessna 305A/L19?O1  N5201G/SN 22433 Air Repair, Inc. #11 Completed 1 April 2007 924 Hours since Complete Restoration .        See Honest, Realistic, Warbird with features to make it a reliable economically operated daily flyer. One year Complimentary membership in IBDA for a first time Birddog buyer.    $137,500.00 Contact:  Dan Kelley  LaVernia TX  Click below for more info. it should download word file dan kelley ad

April 4th, 2020|
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