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Classified Ads

Listed here are items of interest to Birddog operators, mechanics, prospective Birddog owner/operators and collectors of memorabilia.

Advertisers: When your item(s) sells, please advise the IBDA via the “Classified Ad Submission” button so that your ad may be removed.

CAUTION – A number of aviation owners / operators / type club sites are reporting a huge influx of scam attempts. Most seem to be from an organized group that has targeted aircraft owners. Most scams are starting with responses to people looking for specific aircraft parts or avionics. Many of the scams seem to feature responses that have poor grammar, sentence structure, etc. It’s clear that English is not the respondent’s first language. So, BEWARE! And be cautious if offered items from an unknown, unverifiable source. If you’re at all uncomfortable with an unknown seller, ask for references.


Sold my beloved Bird Dog selling accumulated parts, Contact Mike Strieter  (301) 440-5294 Flap motor = $500.00 Pressure Carbs 2 = $500.0 ea (oh)O470-11 cylinder = $300.00 (oh)Prop 90/47 = $2,500.00 (oh 2018 with paper, never used)Motor Mount = $150.00 (very good shape) Electric ( Aux) Fuel Pump = $500.00 (oh)

October 1st, 2022|


Misc. parts for sale. A 90in. standard prop, a cruise prop, bomb shackles, mufflers, exhaust parts, cowling parts, anti-ground loop Geise gear. Contact non-member  Dennis Fairchild  (256) 538-2843

September 27th, 2022|

FORSALE: 80 x 64 cruise prop

For sale is an 80 x 64 cruise prop for a Birddog. This prop has 46 hours on it since overhaul and comes with the logbook and all the paperwork. All of my flying is local and at higher density altitudes so I replaced the propeller with the original 90 x 47 prop. $4,000 OBO. Contact IBDA member  Jack Walborn     (208) 599-1682

September 27th, 2022|

Parts wanted

 I am restoring a O1a birddog for a display only. I need a propeller, right aileron, rear window and front windshield. I also have various parts that you would not necessarily need for a display only birddog. Oh by the way, this plane was at the bottom of a lake in Minnesota for 47 years. It will eventually be a replica of what my father flew in Vietnam the “Little Puff” Birddog. Contact cCharles Morrison  (240) 216-007    

September 18th, 2022|

L-19 Ector 305 A for sale

L-19 Ector 305A for sale: C-FERDBuilt in 1968 sn: 2023 ttaf: 7889 engine: continental 0-470-11 approx ttso: 900 hours with some history. Pressure cowling ( no cowl flaps ). Will issue a deregistration certificate from Transport Canada if sold toUSA. Located in Hawkesbury ( CNV4) Ontario, Canada. (Not an IBDA member.) Asking $ 70000 usd OBO.  Contact Andre Pepin (514) 944-3631

August 31st, 2022|


Wanted : Looking for an entrance step to be permanently mounted. Contact   William Martin     (802) 496-0651

August 9th, 2022|

For Sale: Continental O-470-15 0hrs SMOH

Hello all, I was looking to see if anyone has interest in my spare engine an O-470-15, 0 time SMOH overhauled in 1987 pickled with chrome cylinders, no accessories Located in Poughkeepsie NY. I can provide pictures and a copy of the logbook for serious inquiries, send me an email or text with an offer. Email: Call/text: 845-264-7155    

July 8th, 2022|


Would like to purchase a nice Birddog. Prefer airplane with constant speed propeller but airframe condition could be deciding factor. Contact Brian Esler 360-921-4476

June 27th, 2022|


I’ve got two project birds up for sale. The only major components missing I believe is a flap and props. Both are located in Columbia, SC. I’ve got more pictures, these will both need to be fully restored. Contact me for more info and pricing. Guy White (502) 418-1275

June 25th, 2022|

Australian birddog for sale

Ex Vietnam Veteran O-1 Birddog has just been put on the market by its longtime owner who is hanging up his goggles.  The Birddog is based in Melbourne (Australia) was the first of the batch of seven to fly here after being recovered to Australia from Bein Hoa. Fully IFR equipped, recently repainted and priced right at AU$170,000 Contact Denair P/L 0438585605  

June 20th, 2022|


Reluctantly putting my L19 bird dog on the market. Flies regularly. New engine. Smoke system. For particulars, see barnstormers ad. Needs nothing. Asking $115,000. Ex Canadian Air Force. Converted to. O-470-15 with controllable prop (~160SOH), TT9750, 25SFRME 25SMOH BY FACTORY. ADSB OUT., King KY196 AT50 Txp, INTERCOM, Concorde.batt(3 months old) 6 probe cht/egt, 5GAL SMOKE SYSTEM, Eisenhower step, electric prime,oil dilution sw, Adjustable oil cooler, cylinder head shutters, belly strobe. NEW canopy,wing root cover. Not a hangar queen. Flies regularly. Ext 8.5-9, Interior is stock • See add on Barnstormers   item # 1744073 Contact Ron Saglimbene  201-214-3219

June 6th, 2022|

WANTED: Rocket Mounts

I just bought a L19E and was looking to find a set of Rocket Mounts for my L19. I am in Fort Worth, TX Contact Thomas Trejo (817) 229-0778

May 11th, 2022|

Seaplane elevator winglets avail.

Website received this: I am a former L-19 owner. I used the plane in Alaska in the 1990’s spotting fish in the herring industry. When I was hired by Continental Airlines I sold the plane to a glider outfit. They didn’t want the sea fins that I had used with the floats so I kept them and they have been with me ever since. They have been in my attic for thirty years and now my wife and I are downsizing. If anyone in your organization has a use for them I am happy to donate them if they will pay the shipping. I am presently living near Denver but will be moving to Portland, OR shortly. They are in good condition.  Robert Redmayne

May 4th, 2022|

Windows and Hardware for Sale

For sale: Observer windows good condition.  PN:0610375-2 & 0610375-1.Pilot R/H & L/H windows including hardware good condition ,no corrosion. PN:0611201-2 & 0611201-1 Contact   Sandro Ciccone      (514) 892-2542  

April 25th, 2022|

For Sale: O-470-15 engine

For sale; this O-470 –15 . Was removed from my L19 during annual for installation for a factory remanufactured engine. it has ~ 570 SMOH. Aircraft flown regularly for the last five years. No problems with Engine, leaks, etc. Temps monitored with 6 probe CHT/EGT For the last two years. Sold as core. No accessories. Located at 9N1 . $6000 / offer+ shipping.                                                                    Contact Ron Saglimben   (201)214-3219  

March 17th, 2022|

Parts For Sale

Vacuum pump filter housing & instruments lights for sale. Contact Sandro Ciccone  (514) 892-2542

March 6th, 2022|

Parts Wanted

We are looking for the following Flap Skins 0625100-3  0625100-4  0625100-5  0625100-6 Contact  Dean Milner Deltag Aviation Ltd 10 Wilkinson St Motueka, 7120 South Island NZ

March 3rd, 2022|

Birddog For Sale

Birddog for sale.Total time 72 hours Engine factory remanufactured 72 hours. Manual flap. Always hangared.Built in 2012 by A&P and IA from 95 % factory new parts from CAP Supply Depot, according to FAA order 8130.2G which requires the construction exactly to the original type certificate. However when it was finished The FAA allowed to certify it in the experimental category, which allowed the easy installation of the modifications listed below. The plane was hangared in Massachusetts for 9 years. Presently hangered in Fort Lauderdale FL. Modifications:AlternatorEctor gravity feed fuel system. ( Instead of pressure carburetor)Ponk landing gear reinforcement. Full flow oil filter7.00 x 6 wheelsStepGarmin GPS Garmin RadioUavionix Skybeacon ADS - B OutElectrical attitude indicatorElectrical turn and bank indicator. JP Engine monitorJP fuel flow meterAngle of attack indicator. Carburator Temperature Meter$125,000.-Joseph Blucher email    phone 754 200 4469

February 27th, 2022|

McCauley FM 9047 Prop For Sale

Perfect condition. Full 90” W/Symmetrical tips. No history or original log book available, but exceptionally clean. 0 time since recent overhaul by Precision Propeller Service, Boise, ID. with new log book. Unwrapped only for photos. Currently wrapped & in storage. $4500.    Contact Kenny        818-427-3123      

February 6th, 2022|


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