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IBDA Announcements

Oshkosh ’23 announcement:

The IBDA Dinner is on for this year. It's at the same place, time, and fare as last year. That is, At the Food Tent in Warbirds Camping across the street from the Liaison Parking, reenactors, and Area 51. Once again it's Spaghetti plus fixings, fresh sweet corn, and beverages from coolers. 6 pm it starts after the Wed Liaison / Trainers Warbirds airshow. Free for all IBDA Members/crew/family. Non Birddog Liaison/Trainer folks are invited

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Gentlemen and Ladies, The theme for Osh for Warbirds this year decided by EAA is Vietnam Era. There will be a 2-3 part Warbirds in Review Program on the Thursday of Oshkosh at 1PM (1300). Two Birddogs are featured. Phil Phillips, IBDA Founder, will have Saigon Tea there and is talking of his tours with the 219th RAC Headhunters. Phil also flew over Laos and Cambodia as SPAF 3. I'm sure his experiences will be

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June Fly-in West Coast

Minard Thompson has announced a fly-in for 03 June 2023 in Colville, WA 63S. Contact Minard for more info

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Email sent to Minard  : Mr. Thompson, we connected earlier this year when I reached out regarding your future event schedule and if Dayton could be in the conversation as a host site. Thank you for taking time to reply. I understand that fuel prices have hindered some from attending events as well. It is interesting that you bring up landing at Wright Patterson. I recall that a L-19 is hanging in the Museum----but my untrained

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Bill Plaster sent in list of mid east coast fly-ins and airshows that birddogs might attend. If you know of any we should list send us the info through the contact us button and we'll try to get out notice. 2023 May 20-21 - Seymour Johnson AFB “Wings Over Wayne” Airshow. Goldsboro, NC - GSB Sept. 16-17 - NAS Oceana Airshow. Virginia Beach, VA - NTU Sept. 23 - Wheels & Wings Cruise-In/Fly-In. Washington, NC -

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Fort Worth Aviation Museum request

OK Guys. The Museum at Fort Worth put out this request: Eleven years ago, the Fort Worth Aviation Museum acquired a surplus O-1 Bird Dog. It has since undergone restoration by Cowtown Aerocrafters, who have done a fantastic job. The right side of the aircraft is painted in tribute to Hilliard Wilbanks, the only USAF Bird Dog FAC awarded the Medal of Honor. The left side is painted as a Red Marker aircraft, honoring one

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EAA Warbirds magazine article

The Sept /Oct 2022 EAA Warbirds Magazine had a good article on the Birddog. EAA Warbird Article   

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Congratulations to IBDA member winners at Oshkosh 2022. Best L-19 Oshkosh Winner    Minard and Janice Thompson Silver Wrench       -         Minard Thompson Best L-Bird        -           Bob Stoney Judges Choice        -       Ted  Carter 40 Year Service Award   -    Mike Weinfurter

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We have some manuals that are in a searchable PDF format available on thumb drives. They are not in the merchandise section yet. Contact Troy Cobb at  tc4L19@hotmail.com and will figure how to get to you. Will be same 20$ as the others. Thanks to Bob Stoney for putting these together.

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FAA Airworthiness Directive F&M oil filter adapter

FYI Guys Notice to owner/operator members:The FAA has finally flipped the switch on the AD for the gasket on the F&M oil filter adapters for a ton of engines - including the Birddogs’ O-470-11s and O-470-15s. Many of our Birddogs have the F&M (now Tempest/Stratus) brand of adapters. If you use screw-on Champion-type oil filters, you probably have one of the affected adapters. AD requires replacement of the fiber gasket in the assembly with a

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Cessna L-19 Bird Dog Pilots Group on facebook

Be sure to check out Jonathan Elie's facebook group Cessna L-19 Bird Dog Pilots Group. He's our Facebook guru and has some good stuff showing up. https://www.facebook.com/groups/328778504339776/  

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