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IBDA Announcements

Note From the Pres.

In response to a request on the IBDA website about Birddog activities in the midwest this summer: Oshkosh is happening this year! I'll be there the Wednesday prior thru the following Sunday. To park in any parking area, one is required to be a member of that division and EAA, so you'll need to be a member of EAA and Warbirds. There's worthwhile discounts for being a member and not getting the paper publications. If

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For all Birddoggers attending Oshkosh this year

The IBDA is having a dinner Wed. 6 PM in the same tent in WarBird Camping as we used last year. Members, family, guest/crew are invited. We will start around 6pm. There are 3 choices of entrees, Spaghetti Bake, Lasagna, or Chicken Alfredo. The most votes for one of these will be the meal we will have. Vote away on the Cessna birddog pilots face book page or With Mike Weinfurter directly. Also let him know how many

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We have some manuals that are in a searchable PDF format available on thumb drives. They are not in the merchandise section yet. Contact Troy Cobb at  tc4L19@hotmail.com and will figure how to get to you. Will be same 20$ as the others. Thanks to Bob Stoney for putting these together.

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Indeed, the biggest airshow on Earth is not too far away. Our Oshkosh Director Mike Weinfurter is busily planning IBDA activity for the event. Contact Mike should you have any questions: Hi Everyone, Here's the latest on Birddog activities at Osh '22. The all L-bird & Lt Trainer show is 30 min long on Wednesday once again. The more the merrier, so c'mon! In tail and formations fly wed. Pray for good weather. For those of you formation qualified,

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Rest in Peace

Sadly, we received news that IBDA Life Member Bonnie Lee “Swamp” Smith, 85, of DeRidder, LA, passed peacefully at his home on Saturday, March 19, 2022.  “Swamp” was married to, Sharon for sixty-one years. He was an Army Veteran and served in the reserves during the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Bonnie Lee traveled the world, having worked on every continent except Antarctica, including thirty plus foreign countries. He was a 32nd Degree Mason, a member of the

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FAA Airworthiness Directive F&M oil filter adapter

FYI Guys Notice to owner/operator members:The FAA has finally flipped the switch on the AD for the gasket on the F&M oil filter adapters for a ton of engines - including the Birddogs’ O-470-11s and O-470-15s. Many of our Birddogs have the F&M (now Tempest/Stratus) brand of adapters. If you use screw-on Champion-type oil filters, you probably have one of the affected adapters. AD requires replacement of the fiber gasket in the assembly with a

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Cessna L-19 Bird Dog Pilots Group on facebook

Be sure to check out Jonathan Elie's facebook group Cessna L-19 Bird Dog Pilots Group. He's our Facebook guru and has some good stuff showing up. https://www.facebook.com/groups/328778504339776/  

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