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IBDA Announcements

Gone West

To those in the IBDA, especially the Texas contingent. Our Friend, & one of the original founders, Tom Mayo passed away peacefully Thursday, 27 June 2019 at his home in  Federicksburg, TX. His son Josh, and his long-term caregiver, daughter Cynthia, were at his side. He was just five weeks shy of his 87th birthday. There’s little that can be said of Tom, his larger-than-life Texas personality and his commitment to good friends that hasn’t already

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Here's the word on the Airventure '19 (MANY of us still call it Oshkosh) IBDA Gathering. For all Birddog Assn members, we are meeting in the WARBIRD CAMPING AREA for dinner on WEDNESDAY July 24th at 6;00 - 7:00pm!  Food starts at 7:00pm Wednesday lets the late arrivals attend and hopefully catch all Birddoggers before the early departures leave on Thursday. Allow me to explain. Every year for the last 10 or more, a group of

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Oshkosh 2019 update!!!

The L Birds and Lt. Trainers are flying in the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday Shows this year, OSH  2019! Wednesday is the L Birds BIG show. L-Birds and Lt. Trainers are THE ENTIRE 30 minute Warbird Show! NO one else is flying.  Wednesday's show consists of Taxiing past the crowd while the announcer talks about the aircraft and their huge contribution to the War efforts. The aircraft will launch in front of the crowd and

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Cessna L-10 Bird Dog Pilots Group on facebook

Be sure to check out Jonathan Elie's facebook group Cessna L-19 Bird Dog Pilots Group. He's our Facebook guru and has some good stuff showing up. https://www.facebook.com/groups/328778504339776/  

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A Message From The IBDA President Steve Frushour 

I have been working on continuing the update of the IBDA Archives. There are approximately 4300 photographs that have been “Photoshopped” and entered into the computer. I am now going through slides to be archived. I still have many photographs of more recent events to catalog. We will keep working and then start going through all of the containers of articles and information about the Birddog.  A common question is, “How many Birddogs are flying

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