Life Membership (Up to Age 50) – $1000

New Member Dues and Information

The purpose of this form is to compile detailed membership files. Feel free to supplement the information on this form with any data you feel might be beneficial to the INTERNATIONAL BIRD DOG ASSOCIATION. We appreciate your interest and input.

When you complete this form and press the “Click To Join IBDA” button you will be directed to the page where you can pay on line for your selected membership type.

Important Note

New member dues are pro-rated based on the month of your membership application. After your pro-rated membership period your renewal date will be January 1 and annual dues will be payable on that date each year. In the “Select membership Type” pull-down on the membership form below, select the appropriate dues for your membership date. It is also suggested that you consider paying your dues using BillPay through your own bank.

NOTE: CANADIAN AND FOREIGN MEMBERS: You are encouraged to use PayPal when paying your annual dues. Doing so will eliminate any currency conversion issues. Payment amount should be in US Dollars.

We would encourage you to print out this form (click here to print form) which will contain more detailed information about your membership. Please mail this form once completed to the address below.

You may also pay via PayPal by after completing the form or, after filling in the on-line membership form and ignoring the PayPal option, you can mail your check to:

IBDA, PO Box 2636 Bigfork, MT 59911